How to take a telephone call

12 March

How to take a telephone call

Leaving messages on the phone

 To introduce yourself on the telephone:

  • This is Ken
  • Hello, Ken speaking

If you’d like to reply more formally, use your full name:

  • This is Jennifer Smith speaking
  • Hello, Jennifer Smith speaking.

If you are answering for a business, just state the business name and ask how you can help:

  • Good morning, Thomson Company. How may I help you?

Sometimes, you’ll need to find out who is calling. Ask them politely for this information:

  • Excuse me, who is this?
  • Can I ask who is calling, please?

Connecting someone

If you answer the phone, you might need to connect the caller to someone at your business.

Here are some useful phrases:

  • I’ll put you through (put through – phrasal verb meaning ‘connect’)
  • Can you hold the line? Can you hold on a moment?

When someone is not available

These phrases can be used to express that someone is not available to speak on the telephone.

  • I’m afraid … is not available at the moment
  • The line is busy… (when the extension requested is being used)
  • Mr. Jackson isn’t in… Mr. Jackson is out at the moment…

Taking a message

If someone isn’t available, you might want to take a message to help the caller.

  • Could (Can, May) I take a message?
  • Could (Can, May) I tell him who is calling?
  • Would you like to leave a message?

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