ESL – Modal Verbs Quiz Part 2

3 September

LIST 1 – These are your 10 first-sentences.

  1. I’ve got another meeting at 11am,
  2. It’s -15ºC outside.
  3. Talk to Miriam in Human Resources.
  4. He works every weekend, you know.
  5. Mark’s starting a new school on Monday.
  6. I am thinking again about what Alison said.
  7. The roads were very bad this evening.
  8. I can’t see your train on the board.
  9. It was a pretty vicious dog.
  10. There were no delays.
LIST 2 – Here are your 10 second-sentences (containing the modal verb), which you have to match with the most suitable first-sentence
  1. They should have landed by now.
  2. They could have been stuck in the snow.
  3. That can’t be healthy.
  4. She may be right.
  5. She should be able to help.
  6. It may have been cancelled.
  7. You must be frozen.
  8. He must have been terrified.
  9. I may be late.
  10. It can be very difficult at first.

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