ESL – Contractions in Speech – Part 1

2 November

Contractions in Speech – Part 1


English learners should become familiar with contractions in order to understand the grammar, when someone uses contractions to speak quicker. Native English speakers tend to speak quickly and glide over function words such as helping verbs. Most English contractions are contractions of helping verbs, so an understanding of the role these contracted helping verbs play in grammar can help you better understand spoken English.

English learners should feel free to use contractions whenever they speak, but do remember that the use of contractions is not obligatory. If you prefer to speak using full helping verb forms, continue to do so, but become familiar with contractions in order to help you understand, when you herar them being used. 

English contractions are shortened forms of helping or auxiliary verbs in both positive and negative sentences.  Contractions are generally used in spoken English, but I would encourage you not to use it in formal written English.  The exception, when it is fine to use contractions, is in reported speech, chatty messages and of course informal emails.

Learn good examples of commonly used contractions in Part 2 in a few days time.

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