ESL – Brexit Part 4


28 January

Brexit Part 4


What are the key issues and questions?


  1. The future political relations for the European Union and United Kingdom are difficult to predict. For some, the exit of the United Kingdom is a catastrophe. For others, it rids the EU of an exasperating distraction
  2. There is a risk of increasing division between the UK people and other cultures in the EU
  3. The negotiations also concern the  free movement of persons between the European Union and the United Kingdom
  4. This issue of free movement is particularly relevant for Ireland, which shares its only land border with the United Kingdom; and would be particularly isolated, if a ‘hard’ border is imposed
  5. Much of the talks will deal with future  trade relations  between the two parties
  6. Finally, the  economic consequences for the United Kingdom are unpredictable

We will during the next week be raising some questions and offering some answers about these issues.  We are seeking a lively debate, driven by the fine minds of some young people from the Charente.

Who once said “ Common sense is not so common “ ?  Answer will be in the next blog. Your clue for now:


Thank you for reading my blog.


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