ESL – The Interrogative – Part 2


12 June

The Interrogative – Part 2


WH- determiners

When used as determiners, ‘ what’ , ‘ which ‘ , or ‘ whose ‘ can be used to ask questions:

About nouns

  • What book are you reading?
  • Which plane is he catching?
  • Whose jacket is this?

Or about the pronoun ‘ one ‘ or ‘ ones ‘

  • Which one would you like?
  • Which ones did Ruth want?

The determiner ‘ which ‘ can be used in questions about selecting. It can also be used together with the preposition offor the same purpose.

  • Which colour shall we use?
  • Which book sells the most copies?
  • Which of these colours shall we use?
  • Of all your novels,which of them did you enjoy writing the most?

The determiner ‘ whose ‘ asks about possession with reference to a person as the possessor.

  • Whose mother did you say she was?
  • Whose bag is this?

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