Témoignages de Séjours Anglais en immersion

Nous sommes très fiers et chanceux d’avoir reçu d’excellents témoignages de nos invités qui illustrent le bon prix de notre langue anglaise séjours en France.

” It was a very good week, thank you.  Je remercie Gordon et Sue pour le chaleureux accueil et cette superbe semaine passè ensemble.  I learnt more, my English is better. Gordon is a very good English Teacher and Sue, she cooks very well….
Antoine 12/08/2017

” Bonsoir M. et Mme CASHIN,
We wanted to say you a great “thank you” for the week Alix spent with you !!
Alix came back with a so large smile on her face… it was so fantastic…
She shown us her note book and explained what you visited and saw.
She told us about the people you met, and also the card games you did after diner… and the dogs she played with fun.Thank you Gordon for the time you spent making understand Alix that english is not so difficult and can be interesting to listen, understand and speak…
Thank you Sue for your cooking as well because Alix ate really very good !We really wanted to THANK YOU so much for all you did for her. Amitié “
Anne et Grégoire .. 22/08/2016


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